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Make-a-Lisp in Elm

Recently I finished my second Make-a-Lisp (Mal) implementation. What is Mal you ask? Mal is a learning tool made by Joel Martin. Mal is a Clojure inspired Lisp interpreter. Mal is implemented in 68 languages (and counting). Following the 11 step incremental process guide you’ll end up with your very own Lisp interpreter (which is powerful enough to be self-hosting). Along the way you learn a great deal about the programming language you’re implementing in.

Today I tried to hook up a HD44780 LCD display up to a NodeMCU. A week ago i did this with an Arduino, that was relatively easy. I expect a bit more pain with the NodeMCU as there are no standard libraries available for the LCD display i have. For the wiring i followed rougly this guide. At first i was concerned that i needed to use a level shifter for the 5V and 3.